Bulk Recycling

Businesses with large volumes of commercial recycling can add value to certain waste streams. We can help you convert these materials into a rebate that can be paid directly to your company.

We can assist you in specifying and supplying suitable baling or compaction equipment that is right for your needs. We will use one of our bulk recycling vehicles to collect this material either on a regular scheduled basis, or with a more flexible service.

  Did you know that
1 tonne of newspaper 
uses up 3 cubic
metres of landfill?

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Waste recycling


Glass recycling


Plastic recycling

Cans & Plastic Bottles

Business recycling

Vending Cups

Commercial waste recycling


Electronic waste

Recycle Printer Cartridges

Waste disposal


Recycling landfill

Wood & Pallet

Electronic waste


Commercial recycling

Fluorescent Tubes

Our service

You can either schedule regular collections and bin exchanges, or arrange them as required. Alternatively, you can deliver directly to our recycling facility for a swift, safe, and efficient turnaround.

We can advise you on the installation of the best storage and compaction equipment to handle your material before collection. We have a wide range of containers and compactors available for bulk recycling from 1100 litres to 30 cubic metres. We even install a complete automatic waste extraction system to assist with your operational efficiency.

Where appropriate, all of your waste material rebate payments can be made direct to your bank by BACS transfer to ensure prompt payment and reduce your administration costs.

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