Case Study: How small changes can make a big difference…

Case Study: How small changes can make a big difference…

This month, our customer focus is on (drumroll please)… Bramblecrest

Based in Stroud, Bramblecrest has been creating high quality and stylish outdoor furniture for nearly two decades. They supply garden centres with a wide range of products including dining sets, sofas and loungers made from a variety of materials including woven rattan, tubular aluminium and faux leather. And that’s just a snippet of what they do. They basically make you want to sit outside, even in the winter!

Earlier this year, Simon Austin, our business development manager, got in touch to see if they wanted any help with their waste. And, as it so happened, they did. The company were looking for solutions in three areas – confidential paper, recycling and general waste – and they needed changes to happen as quickly as possible with minimum disruption. So, we set to work, and here’s what happened…

Confidential paper

Problem to solve: The company wanted to ensure they were complying with GDPR changes with all confidential waste they produced. This included confidential paper and sticky labels.

Solution: We provided Bramblecrest with secure, lockable wooden consoles to store the confidential paper, as well as a secure, lockable wheelie bin to store the confidential sticky labels. We arranged to empty these on a regular basis and destroy the material at our high security shredding facility in Cheltenham.

End result: Bramblecrest now have a far neater, more secure and efficient way of storing their confidential waste, and are also, importantly, GDPR-compliant.


Problem to solve: The company were using a 16 cubic yard open skip to store their recyclable materials, but this came with issues. For example, lighter materials were being scattered by the wind, and the skip wasn’t a particularly neat or effective storage solution. Generally, Bramblecrest were also looking to increase their recycling rates, while reducing the collection frequency. As the business was seasonal, they wanted something flexible, with collection frequencies dependent on their output of waste.

Solution: We provided the company with a fully-enclosed, lockable, 35 cubic yard bulk container to store their recyclable materials in. We then arranged to empty this on an ad hoc basis, dependent on their needs.

End result: As the new container is fully-enclosed, wind-scatter is no longer an issue. Being substantially larger than their skip, the container also holds more material, so collections have been reduced and, therefore, so has Bramblecrest’s carbon footprint – all the while, they’ve been able to recycle more, so their rates have increased.

General waste:

Problem to solve: The company were using a 16 cubic yard open skip to store their general waste. This waste then went to landfill. Bramblecrest wanted to find a more sustainable alternative, as well as reducing their collection frequency to keep their carbon footprint to a minimum.

Solution: We provided Bramblecrest with an open-top 35 cubic yard bulk container to store their general waste in. We arranged to empty this on an ad hoc basis. Rather than sending to landfill, we diverted the waste to a waste-to-energy plant, where it is converted to electricity.

End result:

As with the recyclable materials, the larger container is able to hold more waste, so collection frequency has reduced, as has the company’s carbon footprint. The ad hoc collections also match their varying waste output. Most importantly though, by choosing waste-to-energy over landfill, Bramblecrest have achieved zero-to-landfill status and can now proudly say none of their waste ends up in landfill.

Well done Bramblecrest! Working together, we’ve input small changes to make a big difference.

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