Our Partnership with Schools

In conjunction with the Gloucestershire County Council, we’ve supplied our Confidential Shredding and Waste Management services to the education sector for three decades! Working with over 200 schools across the county, we have the experience and knowledge to offer the cost-efficient and industry leading service your school deserves.

Preparing for the new term: 

Every school produces waste but what are the most common recyclables from the education sector?

Find out more about what we recycle and where it goes...


Waste recycling


Glass recycling


Plastic recycling

Cans & Plastic Bottles

Business recycling

Vending Cups

Commercial waste recycling


Electronic waste

Recycle Printer Cartridges

Waste disposal


Recycling landfill

Wood & Pallet

Electronic waste


Commercial recycling

Fluorescent Tubes

What can we offer to your school?

  1. Personalise your service – Fountain, Byro, Ballpoint; back in school we all had our personal favourite pen. Picking a collection service is no different; it’s about finding what fits right for your business. Through our very own value audit analysis your personal account manager can find the most cost-efficient service for your school, but considering the following: What types of waste does your school generate? In what quantity? And where is this mainly produced?
  2. Be Flexible – Set service formulas don’t exist at Printwaste, we build a package around your needs and the types of waste that your school generates. Whether it’s weekly, fortnightly, monthly or an ad-hoc (summer clear-out comes to mind!), we provide a collection service at a frequency that suits your school.
  3. Help Educate your Pupils – Education is essential. That’s why at Printwaste we don’t just collect your waste; we can assist in educating your pupils with topical posters, presentations and environmental projects. We’re not only passionate about our environment but our mission is to help support the next generation of environmentalist.

Working together to make a difference

Just like a group project at school, college or university; people need to work together to achieve their results. This is no different when it comes to waste management. Together, by managing your waste and recyclable materials in the most cost efficient and environmentally friendly manner, we can help towards creating a sustainable and energy secure future.
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