Our Shredding Services

We are able to offer the fullest range of services for your confidential waste destruction.

Our highly accredited services use dual-shred technology both on & off-site, with vehicles that are both secure and discreet to ensure minimal disruption to your business activities, and a lower environmental impact.

Finding a service solution to meet your needs:

Service schedule

One-off archive clearances

Our reliable and flexible service is ideal for the clearance of a few boxes or bags through to an entire storage warehouse. These can be stored in our on-site secure bulk containers and you can be assured that shredding is carried out with the same highly secure and accredited process.  

We can collect this material in archive storage boxes or provide polypropylene sacks with secure seals free of charge. We can also bag up your loose material for you, and remove files from racking and shelving using our security-vetted staff.

Regular Collections

We can set up a service schedule to suit you, whether that is once a week or once a month. Our competitive flexible monthly service can be changed to suit your requirements, and can be discussed with one of our experts during your initial consultation.


Designed with
and recycling targets
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