What is more economical for your business?

A - Paying a trusted employee to separate, remove paperclips, and sort card from paper, then having them stand over a paper shredder sometimes for hours to shred documents and then clean up the mess?


B - Have our dedicated team install a lockable bin of a size and colour that suits your needs, call us or just have us stop by and empty it on a schedule?

We can shred in minutes the same amount of material that it would take an employee 8 hours to do by hand. Our specialised equipment means there is no need to separate staples and card, so no one is looking through the material that is being shredded.

We can manage the security of your sensitive waste paper requirements before it enters the shredding process, to support both your legal obligation and to help raise employee awareness of document shredding.

We deal with sensitive and confidential papers for many different business sectors to ensure these documents are destroyed appropriately including:

  • Education and teaching materials
  • Financial and banking documents
  • Healthcare and medical records
  • Legal documents and customer records
  • Public sector document and confidential reports

Recycle - Save the Earth

When you pay an employee to shred documents, what is done with the waste?

We will ensure that all of our waste materials are recycled.

For every 1 tonne of paper recycled:

  • 26,000 gallons of water are saved
  • Between 17 and 31 trees are saved
  • 4000 KWh of electricity is saved

  We guarantee that all shredded paper is also recycled.