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Printwaste Recycling & Shredding has played a large part in reducing waste disposal via landfill in Gloucestershire, and boasts a customer retention rate of over 97%. We currently collaborate with a huge variety of clients across the region, from small/medium enterprises (SME's) to major blue chip and government departments.

We have assisted the council in saving thousands of pounds, leading to a positive effect on Gloucestershire's economy in the current climate. Our work with the local council has also allowed us to demonstrate our commitment to this ethos, through our informative talks to introduce practical recycling tips to over 60,000 pupils in over 250 schools throughout Gloucestershire. 

Printwaste Recycling & Shredding is the ‘bring-bank’ contractor for ACE UK, collecting and servicing beverage carton drop-off points across England, Scotland and Wales. ACE UK (The Alliance of Beverage Cartons and Environment) work with leading manufacturers of beverage cartons including Tetra Pak, Elopack and SIG Combibloc, to drive their environmental initiatives. They have been running the beverage carton bring-back scheme since 2007, supporting local Authorities and waste management companies across the UK.

Just one of our customers:

Zena Giles - Fundraiser on behalf of Cobalt

At the end of 2009, we approached the Printwaste Recycling & Shredding team for their help with our charitable activity of Christmas card recycling, as this generates such a large amount of waste card every year.

Printwaste not only offered their services for the recycling of these cards; they kindly offered to continue with a regular collection throughout 2010 and beyond. Taking their fantastic, charitable support even further, they have provided us with one of their front access collecting bins, and since then, have been making weekly collections.

We know we can count on Printwaste and we really value their generous support.

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