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Battery Recycling

The all important battery

From laptops to mobile phones, batteries are integral to both our modern way of living and advancements across all of our industries. So, it’s no surprise that we’re using over 670 million of them a year in the UK alone.

The battery easily hides and goes to landfill

Unfortunately, as a nation, we produce 20,000 tonnes of waste batteries each year. A significant percentage of these go to landfill. And, in doing so, we’re putting our own health, local wildlife and the environment at risk. This is because batteries contain all sorts of hazardous substances, like mercury, lead and cadmium.

So, it’s really important we dispose of batteries correctly and maximise their resource potential. By resource, we mean saving the precious metals within each battery (like lead, lithium, cobalt and copper).

Did you know…

Over 670 million batteries are used in the UK every year!

Our Service. Your Solution.

At Printwaste, we collect ALL types of batteries, including:

  • Alkaline
  • Lead acid
  • Lithium/Lithium ion
  • Mercury
  • Nickel-cadmium
  • Nickel metal hydride
  • Silver
  • UPS
  • Zinc carbon

Our service:

  • We offer regular, ad hoc or one-off collections depending on quantities of batteries.
  • We’ll provide you with battery box containers for safe and secure storage.

Loop Closed. Resource Recycled.

On a pre-arranged day, our team will collect your used batteries and bring them back to our recycling depot.
Using an automated sorting line, batteries are sorted and segregated into each of the 7 different chemistry types.
Each chemistry type is designated for export to a wide array of processors on the continent, there are now battery processing plants available in Scotland.
Further Recycling
Due to the complexity of each battery chemistry, the recycling is very much dependent on the metals and requires a specific extraction process to recover the recyclable resources.
Two Processes
With that said, there’s two typical processes for battery recycling - pyrometallurgical (where batteries are placed in a furnace and treated thermally), and hydrometallurgical (where batteries are treated chemically to separate the materials that make them up).

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We help divert hazardous resource away from landfill.

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We help you contribute towards the circular economy.

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