zero to landfill Cardboard Handled carefully, cardboard can be recycled up to 5 times

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Cardboard Recycling

A high quality recycled resource

Cardboard is essentially ‘thick paper’ and it’s made from natural wood fibres which are a high quality recyclable resource. In the UK, cardboard has the highest recycling rate of any packaging in the world at approximately 80%.

Can be recycled 4-5 times

Cardboard when deemed surplus to requirement, follows an identical recycling route to paper, and due to the strength of the wood fibres the material can be recycled into new resource 4-5 times before they become too weak to reprocess. This reduces the need to use virgin wood material that is sourced from tree plantations across the world.

Contamination plays a key role in the resource recyclability too. Requirements for clean material put the onus on ourselves to ensure strict quality control is put in place to produce a better quality material.

Our cardboard recycling is committed to working together with UK businesses to help tackle these challenges head on. We aim to unearth and maximise the cardboard resource within your business through responsible, environment-first recycling.

Did you know…

In the United Kingdom, approximately 5 billion corrugated boxes are used per year, amounting to around 83 per person.

Our Service. Your Solution.

Whether you’ve got leftover packaging from purchases you’ve made, or you create cardboard as a bi-product of your day-to-day operations, we can take this off your hands – giving you back your valuable warehouse, yard or office space.

  • We collect and recycle all cardboard, or alternatively you can bring it to one of our depots. We simply ask that the whole load is dry and free of food, grease and chemicals.
  • You don’t have to worry about removing staples, tape or any paper labels from the cardboard, we’ll sort this out at our end.
  • We have no limit on collection quantity, we’ll collect as much as you need us to.
  • We will provide you a variety of storage containers to fit your needs, including roll cages, weatherproof 1100L bins and small balers.
  • We will organise a collection frequency to suit your business and protect the material.
  • If you’re a larger retail complex or factory, we can provide you with compaction equipment, balers and hook lift container bins to help increase your storage capacity and, at the same time, reduce collection frequency and costs.

Loop Closed. Resource Recycled.

Collection and Baling
On a scheduled collection date agreed to meet your requirements, we’ll collect your cardboard and transport to our recycling depot, where it will be baled and sent off to an environmentally-friendly, accredited mill.
Once at the mill, the cardboard will be soaked in a mixture of water and will be soaked in a water mixture and turned into a pulp.
Post-pulping, the pulp will be de-inked and filtered to remove any remaining impurities, such as tape or glue.
Pour and Roll
Next, the pulp will be poured onto a moving screen, which will drain away any excess water and turn the material into a sheet. This sheet will then be pressed between heated rollers to further remove any water, before being rolled up into a giant reel.
Finally, the reel will be cut and rewound into smaller, individual rolls and shipped off to box manufacturers across the UK.

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