zero to landfill Glass 100% recyclable, can be recycled mixed and can be used over and over again

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Glass Recycling

No more colour sorting!

Until fairly recently, recycling glass was pretty difficult. All of the materials had to be colour separated (green glass could only be recycled with other green glass), so the whole process was labour intensive and difficult to do. But thanks to advances in technology machines work their magic to separate glass quickly and efficiently.

Glass is 100% recyclable

Glass is one of those materials that can be recycled time and time again, without losing quality. So, really, there’s no need to use new (virgin) glass at all – and we’d be far better off saving the natural resources that go into manufacturing glass. Especially, when you consider it takes a whole lot less energy to recycle glass than to make it from scratch.

Did you know…

Within three days, a recycled glass bottle or jar can be turned into a new glass product!

Our Service. Your Solution.

At Printwaste we will keep glass simple for you by:

  • Looking after all forms of glass waste, from glass bottles to UPVC window glass.
  • Recycling all types of glass in one single storage container (regardless of colour or type).
  • We will advise you on the most practical and cost-effective solutions for your business’ needs, and we’ll help you achieve your environmental targets at the same time.
  • We will provide you with the right number, size and type of waste containers (e.g. a 240L wheelie bin for smaller quantities, or a steel stillage bin for larger amounts).
  • We will match our collection frequency to your specific requirements.

Loop Closed. Resource Recycled.

On a pre-scheduled date, we’ll collect your glass waste from you and transport it back to our depot.
We’ll then send the glass, in bulk, onto a recycling plant to be separated by machines (if different colours), washed and decontaminated.
Crushing & Melting
Once clean, the glass will be crushed and melted at temperatures of 1500°C.
After this, the now molten glass will be moulded into new products, such as bottles and jars, ready to be used all over again!

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We help you divert vital resources from landfill.

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We help you fulfil your environmental policies.

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