zero to landfill Wood Did you know 40% of wood still ends up in landfill?

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Wood Recycling

Wood is a sustainable, renewable, natural resource and a useful raw material for many traditional and new products, such as furniture, paper and woodchip.

Wood creates 5 million tonnes of waste a year

Unfortunately, according to the Wood Recyclers Association, the UK currently generates 5 million tonnes of waste wood a year – and only 60% of this is recycled. So, almost half of this wood is, most likely, ending up in landfill. Which isn’t good for the planet, or for your cash flow (recycling is actually a more cost-effective disposal route than landfill) – and, on top of this, wood is a potential fire risk if left in storage.

Once used, wood can have many recycling options dependant on its grade, there is no need for it not to be used again.

We can help your business find a cost-effective and sustainable solution for your waste wood. And we’re not just talking about 60% of it. We’ll find you the most ethical and environmentally-friendly treatment routes for all 100% of your wood.

Did you know…

Only 60% of waste wood is recycled.

Our Service. Your Solution.

At Printwaste we will collect wood products graded A and C. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Wooden pallets
  • MDF
  • Laminate and chipboard
  • Office Furniture

Our service:

  • We will advise you on the best solution to suit your needs.
  • We can organise to take all types and whatever size of load.
  • We will provide you with secure and protective bins to store your wood and help maintain its quality (important for its onward recycling journey).

Loop Closed. Resource Recycled.

Consultation & Segregation
First, our team will discuss the type of wood waste you have and advise how we can best recycle it. We will advise on separation of clean wood and what is regarded as potentially hazardous wood i.e. all painted or treated woods.
Our recycling team will then collect your wood at a mutually agreed date and time, and at your preferred site.
Your wood will take a different route to recycling dependant on its Grade.
Route 1 (for Grade A - Part 2)
Wood runs through a high-speed shredder, (which includes a magnet that extracts pieces of metal), to reduce material size and improve product quality. Grade A wood is then sent onward as chippings or other bi-products to suit different reusable functions. Redundant clean pallets are re-used, or those that are broken can be repaired; whilst other wooden materials go back into making chipboard, higher value fibreboard, and MDF.
Route 2 (for Grade C)
Grade C waste is treated by converting the waste into biomass fuel. Biomass power is carbon neutral electricity generated from renewable organic waste that would otherwise be disposed in landfill.

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