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Catch our Easter Bunnies

April 3, 2019

Easter is coming. And, here at Printwaste, things have got a little egg-citing.

Easter Bunnies

Not only are we cracking terrible puns, but two of our members of staff have had quite the transformation. A few days ago, Ben and Simon started to limp, and began walking with a hop. Yesterday, they were spotted munching on carrots. And today, their ears have suddenly grown in length and hairiness.

Rather than keeping the newly bunny-fied Ben and Simon as office pets, we have decided to let them follow their Easter call. So, Easter week (week commencing 10th April), Simon will be hopping around Swindon, and Ben around Worcestershire, to deliver that much-needed chocolate boost to over 100 local businesses.

Now, it’s over to you. Time for us to stop rabbiting on about it, and let you get searching for those Easter goodies. They may be in disguise…

If you happen to hunt one down, please feel free to let us know by tweeting us @Printwaste alongside the hashtag #thehuntison.

And, if you are interested in any of our services, call us on 01242 588600 for an initial chat (free of Easter-related puns, we promise).

Happy hunting all!

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