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Confidential Services

What our customers say about us…

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At each stage your staff have been unfailingly cheerful and friendly.  The organisation has been efficient so that when you have said something will be done it has been done, and on time.  And as for that lorry - it's amazing!

My thanks to all of you - it's been a real pleasure to deal with you.

Home Shredding Customer August 17, 2020

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Home Confidential Shredding

Why use a confidential shredding service?

Whether you’re sorting through old paperwork, in the process of moving, or are one of the increasing number of people who now work from home, you’re very likely to have documents that contain sensitive information; we all do. These documents are considered ‘confidential’ and need to be shredded after use to protect the data on them and prevent against identity theft, fraud and breaches.

What documents are typically confidential?

Confidential documents can include anything from bank statements to invoices, receipts to office paperwork – and even the more everyday items, such as prescriptions and bills. Essentially, anything that contains sensitive information (such as your name, address and bank details) should be considered confidential and shredded securely.

Why use Printwaste?

We are data protection specialists, who carry the highest industry certifications and have years of experience in this field. Our team are fully security-vetted and our high-security shredding machinery is top of the range. We know how to dispose of your data securely and you can trust us to do so. We also care about the environment, so, once your information is safely destroyed, we will send the leftover material on for recycling into new products – protecting both you and the planet.

Which shredding service should I choose?

doorstop shredding

Doorstop Shredding

Via our mobile paper shredding service, you can watch your documents be securely destroyed from your doorstep.
off site shredding

Off-Site Shredding

With our off-site service, we’ll safely transport your confidential documents to our high-security shredding facility and destroy them using cross cut technology.

How it works

Step 1
You get in touch with us and let us know how many confidential documents you have for shredding and we will provide you with a quotation.
Step 2
We’ll book you in for a collection and deliver secure confidential bags to fill with your documents.
Step 3
Depending on which option you choose, we’ll either shred your documents on your doorstep in one of our mobile shredding vehicles, or we’ll transport them to our high-security shredding facility to be destroyed.
Step 4
Once destroyed, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction.
Step 5
We will then send your securely destroyed documents on to a paper mill to be recycled back into office paper and other paper-related products (such as books and newspapers).


As long as you’ve managed to fill one sack, any amount from there is good with us.

Our sacks will hold 15-20kgs worth of your confidential documents. This keeps the weight manageable for our team, in terms of lifting.

You can fill our sacks with any papers containing sensitive information, plus old hard-drives, CDs and other technology items. But each material must be put in separate sacks (e.g. paper in one sack, hard-drives in another).

Not at all. Our cross cut shredding machinery can handle a few paper clips and staples, so leave this to us.

We always look to find a happy medium between delivering them as soon as possible and delivering them when we are in the area. This is to ensure we utilise our trips most efficiently and do our bit for the environment.

No, as long as you let us know a safe place to leave them, we are happy to deliver the sacks when you’re not there.

Yes. As your documents contain sensitive information, they cannot be left outside unattended, even in our sealable sacks. So we do need you to be at home when we come to collect them.

Yes, you are very welcome to do this. We offer a drop-in service between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday – Friday at our Commerce House site. Payment will be required on arrival, so feel free to ring ahead to check pricing and procedures.

  • Higher level of security: Home shredders offer a less secure cut and cannot compete with the hi-tech, industrial-sized machinery we use.
  • Less time-consuming: Home shredders are time-consuming to use, relying on someone to manually feed papers into the shredder, whereas we can take large quantities off your hands in one go and destroy these quickly for you.
  • Less expensive: With the cost of a decent shredder and maintenance on top, home shredders tend to end up more expensive than opting for a shredding service, where you just pay for what you need.

Let us give you peace of mind…

data protection


Protecting you from data breaches and identity theft.

reusing resources


Recycling paper straight back into paper.

gdpr compliance


Helping to keep you GDPR-compliant.

Printwaste High Security Shredding

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