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This month, our customer focus is on (drumroll please)… AJ Green Printing

Established in 1975, AJ Green Printing provide print and design services to trade and commercial companies – helping with anything from stationery to brochures.

We’ve been working with AJ Green for the last 35 years and, if you do the maths, there’s something pretty special about that. Back in the eighties, when shoulder pads were all the rage and everything was neon-tastic, brothers, Don and Geof Robins were out looking for their first customers. And one of those ended up being – you guessed it – AJ Green! We are immensely proud to still be working together to this day and, as it’s our birthday, we thought it a good time to look back at our 35 year partnership.

It all started back in 1983 when Don Robins, co-owner at Printwaste Recycling & Shredding, popped into AJ Green’s office to see if they wanted their paper waste collected and recycled. At the time, AJ Green didn’t have a waste management provider in place, but were keen to operate in a sustainable manner.  So a conversation was had. AJ Green were clear that they wanted a waste management company that specialised in printer waste – and, because of previous accusations about dumping waste, they wanted to be given a Certificate of Disposal, as proof they were handling their waste responsibly. They were also keen to support the growth of local business in Gloucestershire.

And so our partnership began. Initially, we only dealt with their printer waste (hence our company name!), but, in 2011, we started regularly collecting cardboard from them too. And this year, to comply with the new GDPR regulations, AJ Green also started using our off-site shredding service on an ad hoc basis. And this is where their Certificate of Disposal came in handy again.

But, as with all good partnerships, it’s not just a one way street. Beyond opening their door to us all those years ago, AJ Green have gone one step further and aided us with our own printing requirements. From business cards to letterheads to invoice books, they’ve been a huge help to us as a business. So thank you AJ Green Printing!

And here are a few words from David Green, Owner at AJ Green Printing…

‘The team at Printwaste are reliable and trustworthy. They are always on time and efficient when at our office, are quick to answer our waste management requirements, and have always been there on call. We are proud to support local business within the community, and they have also helped us to achieve and boost our environmental credentials. Happy birthday Printwaste!’


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