Customer Focus: Eagle Tower reaches new heights in a bid to go green

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This month, our customer focus is on (drumroll please)… Eagle Tower

Eagle Tower r

Soaring high above the rest of Cheltenham, at 175ft, Eagle Tower is unsurprisingly the town’s tallest building. And with this title, the skyscraper has become something of a landmark. However, with 15 floors, that are home to over 45 companies, Eagle Tower is more than just iconic. As the largest office block in Gloucestershire, it’s also one of the county’s central business hubs. So, just imagine how much waste they must produce every day!

Cue Printwaste…

Last year, our Business Development Manager, Simon Vincent, gave Eagle Tower a call to see if they needed any assistance with their recycling or shredding. At the time, they were having issues with their provider, and were interested in upping their recycling efforts. Happy to help, Simon himself went to Eagle Tower and completed an on-site waste audit to find out what waste was being produced, and how it was being segregated and disposed of. By doing this, he realised that 70% of the general waste produced by Eagle Tower was actually recyclable.

Since working together, we have made the whole site completely landfill-free, with all 52 offices within the building receiving zero-waste-to-landfill certificates. This is a great achievement, and a good example of how our Waste-to-Energy service can make real change. And now, we are working hard with Eagle Tower to help them move even further up the waste hierarchy. To do so, we have installed recycling bins internally throughout the building, with collections four times a week, and are increasing environmental awareness amongst staff by providing educational tools, such as presentations, waste and recycling reports, and a clear document stating what can and cannot be recycled.

With all this going on, Eagle Tower may soon have a new title to add to their belt…greenest office block in Gloucestershire!


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