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It’s been a busy few months for our industry regarding articles in the press and TV media outlets with Recycling having almost a daily mention. In particular news on plastic consumption and recyclability, especially the effects on our oceans and environment from dubious waste disposal routes. I read this weekend that HM Queen is to ban the use of straws and plastic bottles from the royal estates following some inspiration from Sir David Attenborough.

Recycling in the News

Our sales teams are reporting back to us that the subject of plastic recycling is common in all but a few meetings they are holding currently with both existing and potential customers. It is important I feel to bring some reality to the issue of recycling plastic waste from our customers and to ensure them of our current and future plans for this recyclate.

We have a hard earned and excellent reputation in supplying end processors with good product for onward recycling having been collected in a segregated fashion or been sorted at our facility in Cheltenham.

Plastic can be recycled. It really can! What we need from our customers is for it to be presented in a way that each grade of plastic is kept apart from others and while this may seem a daunting task, this is where we can help. Our team of specialists are available to help and advise on best recycling practices so we keep the recycling initiatives and enthusiasm in a high gear.

The issues of non-recyclable plastic will rightly rage on and we will all be doing all we can to eradicate the use of such material which may come through future legislation. However in the meantime it’s crucial we don’t simply stop our recycling efforts and wait until new laws are introduced which will inevitably take some years to implement.

We speculate that in the medium term current plastic will continue to be used and offered for recycling and we assure our customers we will not be reluctant in developing methods for ensuring that as many plastic grades are ultimately recycled.  We are proud of our zero to landfill programs we now provide and we welcome any opportunity to introduce this for any business.

I urge you to get in touch and discuss this with us if you feel some help would be beneficial.


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