Plastic Free July: A tip a day for reducing the amount of plastic in your life


31 quick and easy ways you can fight back against plastic pollution…

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This month, it’s Plastic Free July – a global movement to help clean our streets, oceans and communities and fight back against plastic pollution. As this is something very close to our hearts at Printwaste, we wanted to get involved. So, throughout the month on our social media channels, we’ll be posting tips on how to go plastic free. But, if you can’t wait until then or want to get started early, here are all 31 tips for you in one go (one for every day of the month)…



  1. When you’re heading out shopping, take reusable bags with you rather than paying for a single-use plastic one. Extra tip: If you’re prone to forgetting, leave some reusable bags in your car.


  1. Avoid buying plastic bottles of water and invest in a reusable stainless steel bottle instead. Extra tip: If you don’t like the taste of tap water, buy an eco-friendly water filter for the fridge.


  1. For coffee on the go, swap takeaway cups for an eco-friendly travel mug.


  1. When ordering a drink out, ask to have it without a straw. Extra tip: If you need to use a straw, carry a glass one with you.


  1. Opt for loose fruit and veg, rather than pre-packaged. Extra tip: Even better, grow your own!


  1. Try wrapping your food in beeswax cloth wraps rather than clingfilm.


  1. Wash with bars of soap instead of liquid soap and shower gel. Extra tip: Choose a natural soap that avoids chemical ingredients and palm oil.


  1. Swap single-use cotton pads for reusable ones.


  1. Stop using cotton buds or, if this is difficult, buy 100% biodegradable ones.


  1. Avoid plastic bin liners and either use compostable ones, newspaper or go liner-free and simply wash your bin after emptying.


  1. For the perfect cuppa, opt for loose leaf tea or get clued up on which brands don’t use plastic in their teabags.


  1. Go old school and get glass milk bottles delivered to your door. Extra tip: Always return these bottles back to your milkman.


  1. Choose toilet rolls in cardboard packaging rather than plastic. Extra tip: Go one step further and buy recycled toilet paper.


  1. Ditch the disposable razor (responsibly) for a safety razor.


  1. Take your own reusable containers to bakeries, butchers and fishmongers to avoid your purchases being wrapped in plastic.


  1. Explore alternatives to single-use sanitary products, including washable cotton pads, menstrual cups and period underwear.


  1. If you’re heading out for a picnic or takeaway, take your own stainless steel cutlery with you.


  1. Look for shops near you that sell products from bulk containers and refill stations, so you just take your own container in and fill it up.


  1. Give up the gum, or at least switch to a plastic-free version.


  1. Wash your dishes with plastic-free dish sponges (e.g. cellulose) and natural fibre brushes. Extra tip: Make your own cleaning cloths out of old clothes and towels.


  1. Buy wooden or metal kitchen utensils rather than plastic ones.


  1. Have a go at making your own cleaning products (such as vinegar and water for a spray cleaner) and store them in reusable spray bottles.


  1. Choose a phone case made from natural and easily biodegradable materials. Extra tip: You could even knit one yourself!


  1. Wrap gifts in reusable cloths, tea towels or newspaper and use sprigs of your favourite plant for decoration. Extra tip: If you need to use tape, use biodegradable paper tape.


  1. Use a handkerchief instead of a packet of tissues.


  1. When buying clothes, avoid plastic fabric (e.g. polyester, nylon and acrylic) and opt for more eco-friendly fabrics, like organic cotton, linen and wool.


  1. Swap plastic pens for pencils, inkless pens or a traditional fountain pen with a recyclable glass ink bottle.


  1. Make your own condiments and keep them in a jar in the fridge.


  1. Opt for a toothbrush made from sustainable materials, such as bamboo. Extra tip: While we’re on the subject of teeth, look for natural toothpastes packaged without plastic.


  1. Buy make up and toiletries in metal tins or glass bottles and jars.


  1. Avoid balloons and other single-use party decorations and celebrate with bunting, tissue pom poms and fresh flowers instead.


We know that going plastic free can feel a little overwhelming (we’ve been there!) and we absolutely don’t expect you to do all of the above at once. But starting small, making changes bit by bit, as you run out of a product or need to replace an item, will quickly add up. And, before you know it, you’ll be a plastic free pro!


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