A day at the races vacuuming the stables


In 2016, we were contacted by Cheltenham Racecourse to see if we could provide them with large bins that could be used for the collection of animal bedding, something they have a lot of and not an enquiry we get every day.

A day at the races

Being an unusual request, Printwaste co-owner Geof Robins, popped across town to the racecourse the very next day to understand the requirements in more detail and to see if Printwaste could go even further to help.

Geof spotted an opportunity on his visit and a great solution for the racecourse. Not only could we provide bins to collect the bedding, but we could also be much more useful to the racecourse than they originally thought. In a classic case of ‘I didn’t know you did that’, having seen the setting, Geof spotted 300 plus stables full of waste that needed to be cleaned out and removed. Using our vacuum waste collection vehicles, we could provide a service that could easily and efficiently do just that, remove large quantities of waste in one go.

Press here to see the process in action!

Large volumes of waste perfect for composting and therefore being recycled.

The racecourse jumped at the idea and the wheels were put in motion. This innovative solution saved the racecourse time and money, and put a very large tick in the box towards achieving the racecourse’s environmental aims and targets.

We’ve developed a great relationship with Cheltenham racecourse and have successfully serviced a number of race meetings. We’re proud to be part of the prestigious Gold Cup meeting this week and will be on hand to collect the horse waste during and after this great local event.

You may not have a need for horse waste removal, but you may have a request a little out of the ordinary. If so, get in touch. We are solution focussed and will do our very best to help recycle, reuse and reduce any type of waste, cost effectively and efficiently. Printwaste, delivering environmental, innovative and sustainable solutions.


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