Clothing & product samples

Commercially sensitive product samples, prototypes, and recalled or defective products require a secure disposal method. We will ensure they are correctly disposed of to help protect your intellectual property and brand reputation. 

If you do not properly dispose of discarded uniforms, branded clothing, and ID badges you are opening your business up to potential theft and fraud. Preventing recalled, damaged, or out-of-date products from entering the marketplace could safeguard the integrity of your brand and help protect commercially sensitive product samples and prototypes from being obtained, as well as safeguarding your intellectual property rights.

We have invested in powerful industrial shredders that can shred metals, plastics, and textiles with ease, for example:

  • Branded clothing and merchandise
  • Charity collection boxes
  • ID badges
  • Product samples and prototypes
  • Recalled, damaged, or out-of-date products
  • Uniforms

Preventing recalled, damaged, or out-of-date products re-entering the marketplace could 
maintain your brand
and integrity.