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Confidential Paper Shredding

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With the introduction of GDPR, and the rise in concerns about data protection, it’s more important than ever for all of us, as businesses, to look after any sensitive information we hold.

Sensitive hard copy data

And, while digital may be coming on leaps and bounds, paper is still a big source of confidential information. Think hardcopy invoices, receipts, personnel records and bank statements – these are just a few of the many ways we’re still putting sensitive data onto paper.

We will help choose the right shredding service for you

On-Site Shredding
With our mobile paper shredding service, you can watch your documents be securely destroyed on your own premises.
Off-Site Shredding
With our off-site service, we’ll safely transport your confidential paper to our high-security shredding facility and destroy it using cross cut technology.
One-off Clearance
Information stored for legal purposes can be securely destroy in bulk.
Total Disintegration Shredding
For top-secret documentation we’ll turn your papers into fine particles.

Our Service. Your Solution.

At Printwaste, we provide you with a nationwide, secure and trustworthy data destruction service for all of your confidential paper waste.

As part of our ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified service, we will provide:

  • An advisory service to ensure we find the best solution for your needs, always focused on privacy, business security and achieving the most sustainable solution for the material following destruction.
  • A range of containers, lockable consoles, bags and secure bins to place around your office to meet your needs.
  • Different types of shredding levels, from official to top secret, dependent on the nature of your documentation.
  • A Certificate of Destruction to let you know that your items have been securely destroyed.
  • Security cleared staff who meet the stringent certifications and protect your documentation through their whole journey with us.
  • High security vehicles and a high security facility for confidential shredding.

Securely and Carefully Recycled.

Whichever shredding service option you use, we’ll shred your confidential paper fast and efficiently to the legal standards.
We will then transport the shredded paper to a mill, where it will be de-inked, pulped and cleaned.
The pulped paper will be pumped onto a paper machine, where it forms a sheet.
Press and Roll
The paper is then pressed to remove any leftover water and put through a series of heated rollers to achieve the correct moisture content and thickness.
Finally, the paper is wound and cut into rolls, and ready to be turned back into office paper and other paper-related products (such as books and newspapers).

How we add value to your business…

gdpr compliance


Helping to keep you GDPR-compliant.

reusing resources


Recycling paper straight back into paper.

data protection


Protecting you from data breaches and identity theft.

Printwaste High Security Shredding

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