Polystyrene Recycling

A lot of packaging includes polystyrene. It is used as a protective material in packaging for all kinds of products, from lighting fitments to fridge freezers. Because polystyrene contains 98% air, it is very light but also bulky and takes up a lot of space.

In the UK, there are not many places that recycle polystyrene, however at Printwaste we believe that if there is a way something can be recycled it should be. By recycling your polystyrene waste, as well as preventing it from going to landfill, we make sure it can be reused again. This saves resources that would be used to create new materials and contributes to the circular economy.

The Types of Polystyrene We Collect

This polystyrene recycling service is focused on expanded polystyrene (EPS). It means that we can recycle the following items (excluding Styrofoam):

Protective packaging

Medical storage boxes

Food storage boxes

The Benefits of Polystyrene Recycling

By recycling your polystyrene, you will not only be reducing the waste that you put into your general waste bins, but you will be improving your business’s recycling rates.

A lot of polystyrene used to go onto landfill sites where it would take hundreds of years to biodegrade.

Recently, polystyrene has been sent to incinerators. This is relatively expensive because of the low weight to volume of expanded polystyrene.

The true benefit is that Printwaste recycle this material. We collect it, compact it so as to make it viable to transport economically and then take it back to the polystyrene manufacturer who uses it to make EPS again, reusable as protective packaging.

Improved recycling performance

Improved recycling performance

Printwaste don’t send polystyrene to landfill. Your recycling rates will be improved, and your general waste will be reduced.

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Flexible and reliable collections

A collection service that can be as flexible as you like. Its your choice – regular and scheduled collections, or ad-hoc collections.

no limit on recycling quantity

No Limit on quantity

However much polystyrene you have, Printwaste can collect and recycle it.

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As well as recycling polystyrene, Printwaste are a one stop shop providing total waste management solutions. We can introduce efficiency and significantly reduce your waste removal costs.

Practical Storage Solutions

Storing your polystyrene is easy with our range of bins. Whether you have a small amount in a bag or need a large roll on roll off container, Printwaste can provide the right storage for you. Speak to our team who will be able to help and advise you on the storage solution that is best suited to your needs.

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We help you divert materials away from landfill

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Polystyrene Recycling

Polystyrene recycling made possible. Here’s how we did it.

In 2009, Printwaste became one of the first UK companies to offer a polystyrene recycling service. When seeking to recycle some IT and furniture packaging for a customer, we looked for a way to recycle the polystyrene.

By investing in our own polystyrene compactor, it enabled us to use it in house. This compresses the polystyrene, squeezing the air out, meaning that it takes up less space and is easier to transport.

All this would not have been worthwhile unless, right at the beginning, we put our efforts into finding a sustainable home for this compacted material—a polystyrene manufacturer who recognised the quality of the material we were producing and was able to re-manufacture the recycled material into new products.

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