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Confidential Services

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Branded Product Destruction

Secure product shredding

Often, as businesses, when we talk about protecting our data, we’re referring to hardcopy and digital documents that contain sensitive information. And this is absolutely correct – we do need to protect these. But confidential materials stretch far beyond papers, computers and mobile phones.

Maintaining brand integrity

Branded products can be anything from clothing and uniforms to sun cream bottles and toys. The range is huge. But, as we all know, a brand is nothing without its integrity. To keep this intact, it is extremely important to securely destroy obsolete branded merchandise.

Taking care of your reputation

These could be branded items that are faulty and cannot be sold, excess stock, anything out of date, or even counterfeit goods. If any of these end up in the general waste bin they could be sent to landfill, find themselves on the black market, or put your company at serious risk of identity theft, fraud and data breaches. All of which have the potential to damage your company’s reputation and cost you a lot of money.

We will help you choose the right shredding service for you

On-Site Shredding
With our mobile confidential branded products shredding service, you can watch merchandise and corporate branding items being securely destroyed on your own premises.
Off-Site Shredding
With our off-site service, we’ll safely transport your confidential branded products to our high-security shredding facility and destroy it using cross cut technology.

Our Service. Your Solution.

At Printwaste, we offer a flexible, secure and eco-friendly product destruction service for all branded products.

To help protect brands, our BS EN 15713 certified product destruction service is nationwide and includes (but is not limited to):

  • Uniforms, ID badges and passes
  • Marketing materials, headed paper and business cards
  • Faulty products, damaged goods and production run-ons
  • Prototypes and product samples
  • Fake CDs and DVDs
  • Counterfeit products
  • Fake clothing, handbags and accessories

If you require a storage solution, our consultancy team will happily advise you on the best container for your products.

Then, on a pre-agreed day, our uniformed staff will collect your branded material and transport it to our high-security shredding facility.

We will securely destroy the confidential elements of your product and then recycle the rest turning it back into a useful resource.

Once your materials are destroyed, you’ll also receive a ‘Certificate of Destruction’ as proof of protection.

How we add value to your business…

data protection


Safeguarding your company from identity theft, fraud and data breaches.

gdpr compliance


Keeping you GDPR compliant.

reusing resources


Ensuring your products do not end up in landfill.

Printwaste High Security Shredding

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