Hard-Drive & Media Destruction

In an ever more digital world, many of the ways that we store information have changed. Storing information on devices such as hard drives and laptops is increasingly common, and much of the information that is stored digitally contains sensitive or confidential data.

Ensuring that this data does not get into the wrong hands is essential. This protects individuals and businesses from data theft and fraud, so all sensitive information that is stored on these devices that is no longer needed should be correctly destroyed.

Types of Hard Drives & Media We Collect & Destroy

Examples include (but not limited to):

Hard drive disks (HDD)

Located in computers

Solid state drives (SSD)

Located in laptops and smart TVs

Optical data carriers

e.g. CDs & DVDs

External hard drives

Copier hard drives

Electronical data carriers

e.g. Mobile phones, memory sticks & chip cards

Microfilm & microfiche

Magnetic data carriers

e.g Floppy disks, magnetic tape cassettes and ID cards

Medical X-rays

The Benefits of Hard Drive & Media Destruction

Making sure that the information that you have is safe and secure is paramount. When it comes to hard drives and media, simply clicking delete is not enough – as long as the item is intact, the information can still be recovered from it, so to permanently delete this the item must be physically destroyed.

Printwaste are specialists when it comes to destroying your confidential media and hard drives. As principle members of the British Security Industry Association, we adhere to BS EN 15713 for information destruction. All of your confidential data stored electronically will be destroyed to an unrecoverable state, and you will also receive confirmation of this for your records and peace of mind.

Safety and Security

Printwaste vehicles and premises are monitored by 24/7 by security systems, keeping your confidential media safe.

Cost Efficient

As a one stop shop for waste management, Printwaste can destroy your confidential data and collect your recycling and general waste, reducing your costs.

Reliable and Flexible Collections

A collection service that suits your requirements – whether you want collections on a scheduled, regular basis or ad-hoc.

Highly trained and vetted staff

Printwaste staff are BS7858 security cleared and thoroughly trained to conduct the sensitive nature of their role.

End-to-end Tracking

From when your confidential data leaves you, it is tracked so that you have peace of mind and the documentation to declare that it has been effectively destroyed.

Confidential Services

How we add value to your business

Proof of

Printwaste provide you with the correct documentation for your records and for peace of mind

green waste company cheltenham


Once your data is securely destroyed, all remaining materials are recycled

Helping the environment

Business Values

We help you do more for the environment

Zero print shredding waste goes to landfill

Zero to

Become a certified Zero to Landfill company

Flexible Data Destruction

To make things as easy as possible your end, we leave it up to you to decide where you’d like your hard drives and media materials to be shredded:

On-site shredding - printwaste


We’ll destroy your hard drives and media material on your own premises, using shredding machinery located on the vehicle.


We’ll transport your hard drives to our high-security shredding facility and destroy them there

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