Hazardous Waste Electrical and Electronic Recycling (WEEE)

One of the largest growing waste categories is electrical waste. With new technology being an increasingly important part of our lives and our workplaces, the consequence of this is more electronic waste.

Some of the components that make up electrical products are classed as hazardous – this is waste that must legally be disposed of in the correct way to prevent it from causing harm to humans or the environment. Hazardous waste can only be carried and handled by a licensed waste carrier – like Printwaste.

The Benefits of Hazardous Electrical Recycling

At Printwaste, as well as having the knowledge and licenses to be able to collect your hazardous electrical waste, we also ensure that all the components that can be recycled are. This means that the environmental impact is significantly lower and less resources are used to create new products. You can be assured that you will have your electronic waste handled in a responsible way and will also receive documentation for your records.

Improved recycling performance

Improved recycling performance

When you recycle your used electrical waste with Printwaste you can be assured that we will ensure that it is recycled responsibly and that, due to this, your recycling rates will be improved.

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No Limits on quantity

There is no amount too large or too small for Printwaste to collect. Our range of vehicles can accommodate any size of collection.

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Reliable collections

Whether you need regular clearances of hazardous electrical equipment, or need a one off, or ad-hoc collection – the Printwaste collection service is both reliable and flexible.

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Printwaste are a one stop shop for waste management, so you will cut the costs of recycling electrical and electronic waste when we manage other waste streams on your behalf.

Practical Storage Solutions

Printwaste provide a wide range of storage solutions to accommodate your electrical waste in a safe and practical way. From small bins to large containers – get in touch and speak to our knowledgeable team who will advise you.

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