2022 winner paper recycling business of the year

2022 Paper Recycling Business of the Year

Printwaste wins national recognition for excellence in paper recycling

Paper Recycling

Paper is a big part of our lives, and most people and businesses use paper for a variety of reasons. It is a useful material even in our increasingly digital world, and it is also a valuable resource. Paper can be recycled and turned back into all sorts of paper-based products, and by doing this it means that less trees, less water and less electricity are then used to make new paper.

The Types of Non-Confidential Paper We Collect

There are lots of different non-confidential paper products that Printwaste collect – these include (but are not limited to:

Junk Mail and Envelopes

Newspapers & Magazines

Printers Offcuts and Waste Materials

The Benefits of Paper Recycling

Recycling paper is beneficial for the world’s forests, and it also benefits your business. These are just a few of the ways that recycling your paper is a benefit to you:

Improved recycling performance

Improved recycling performance

It is surprising how much paper we find in general waste when we do a waste audit. Your recycling rates for your business will increase when you recycle more of your paper.

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Collections that suit you

Whether you want a regular collection on a schedule, or prefer to have on-demand collections, Printwaste provide collections to suit you. We can collect from bin to bin inside your offices or from a central recycling collection point—the choice is yours.

no limit on recycling quantity

No limit on quantity

It doesn’t matter how much paper you have, there is no amount too large or too small. We strive to provide an environmentally friendly service that works for you.

cost efficient business recycling cheltenham


Printwaste are a one stop shop for all waste management needs so could significantly reduce your costs when we collect other recyclable materials in addition to your non-confidential paper.

Practical Storage Solutions

Printwaste provide a range of storage solutions for your waste paper. From bags and bins to large containers, there are a variety of sizes and options to make sure that you have convenient and efficient storage.

Other Items We Recycle:

How we add value to your business

boosted business recycling


We help you boost your recycling rates

Reusing resources to divert materials away from landfill


We help you divert materials away from landfill

Helping the environment

Business Values

We help you do more for the environment

Zero print shredding waste goes to landfill

Zero to

Become a certified Zero to Landfill company

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Other Items We Recycle:

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