Battery Recycling

Batteries can be found in many of the day-to-day things that we use. Disposing of batteries must be done responsibly as they contain corrosive materials that are toxic to the environment. They also contain heavy metals such as led which cause environmental problems. At Printwaste, not only do we ensure that these hazardous materials are not posing a risk to the environment, but we also extract all the materials that we can so that they can then be re-used.

The Benefits of Battery Recycling

In the UK alone over 20,000 tonnes of waste batteries are produced each year, so it is important that they are disposed of correctly. At Printwaste, as well as making sure that batteries are correctly and responsibly disposed of, we also recycle the important resources in them. These include lithium, cobalt and lead.  These can then go on to be re-purposed and used again, using less of the earth’s natural resources.

Improved recycling performance

Improved recycling performance

By responsibly disposing of your hazardous waste, you are not only complying with the law but are contributing to the circular economy and improving your recycling rates.

No limits on quantity

However many batteries you have, Printwaste can collect and recycle them. From a small bag to large quantities.

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Flexible collections

Printwaste collections are suited to your needs, so you can have regular, scheduled collections or ad-hoc and one off collections of batteries.

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Because Printwaste are a one stop shop for waste management, as well as your batteries we can take care of all of your waste management needs, which can reduce your costs.

Practical Storage Solutions

Printwaste provide battery boxes for safe, secure and convenient storage for your used batteries. Speak to our knowledgeable team who will be able to advise you on battery storage that is right for your needs.

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Other Hazardous Waste Items We Recycle:

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