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Business Recycling

Giving new life to discarded resources

Confidential Shredding

Confidential documents securely destroyed

Waste to Energy

Unrecoverables turned into energy

Zero to Landfill

Protect our land for the future

Reasons Why Businesses Choose Printwaste

green credentials


We aim to protect today for tomorrow by making use of our precious resources.



We are always looking for new and better ways to do things.


Tailored to fit
your needs

We like to understand our customers and create the right solution for them.

reliable flexible

Reliable and

We would like to add friendly and with a ‘can do’ attitude!

Join the 1000’s of businesses who rely on Printwaste to look after their business recycling and confidential shredding needs.

At Printwaste we specialise in recycling and confidential shredding.

We have been in business for 35 years, have seen much change and have evolved to meet the needs of the marketplace, changes in legislation and the requirement to protect our environment.

We are a zero to landfill business and will ensure we help our customers do the same. We carry a wide range of certifications specific to the needs of the services we offer – click here to view our certifications.


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Our recycling business solution is focused on finding every possible way to ensure that your waste is turned back into a usable resource. We recycle a large range of products and are always looking for new and innovative ways to offer more solutions to our customers. Our services have been created with business in mind and we hope we have a solution for every product you want to give us! If not, we will find it for you!

Our confidential shredding division is a highly specialised, high security division focused on solutions to help our customers protect their data. We offer a range of specific types of shredding dependant on the information being destroyed. Our service is efficient, cost effective, compliant and tailored to our customers needs. Our teams are assessed to the highest security standards. Our customers include Government, NHS, Legal, Finance, Insurance and Schools.


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