Plastic Recycling

Plastic is a useful material and is used for many purposes in our everyday lives. It is durable and lightweight – but can also have a significant detrimental impact on the environment. At Printwaste, we believe in exploring new ways to recycle and are proud of our plastic recycling service.

The Types of Plastic We Collect

Printwaste can collect and recycle a wide range of plastics including (but not limited to):

Drinks Bottles

Polythene Film and Pallet Shrink-Wrap

Plastic Packaging

Medical Equipment

UPVC Window Frames

Plastic Goods Manufacturing Offcuts

The Benefits of Plastic Recycling

There is a lot of opportunity to recycle more plastic material. More than 92% of UK adults are concerned about plastics pollution (Statista November 2021).

Your waste plastic can be re-used and recycled, keeping it out of landfill and giving it a new use. As well as being hugely beneficial to the environment, this also means that your business can make a bigger contribution to the circular economy.

Improved recycling performance

Improved recycling performance

By recycling plastics, you reduce your general waste and improve your environmental performance.

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Collections to suit you

A collection service that can be as flexible as you like – ad-hoc or scheduled collections –  whatever works for your needs.

no limit on recycling quantity

No quantity limit

Whether you have a bag of plastic bottles or a large amount of plastic offcuts, Printwaste can collect and recycle it.

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Printwaste are a one stop shop, so as well as recycling plastics we can take care of all of your waste management needs, which could reduce your costs significantly.

Practical Storage Solutions

Printwaste offer a wide range of storage options for your plastic waste. Our knowledgeable team will be able to advise you on the available storage options for your needs. From small bins designed for offices to large containers in a factory recycling area, there is a storage solution to suit every business.

Other Items We Recycle:

How we add value to your business

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We help you boost your recycling rates

Reusing resources to divert materials away from landfill


We help you divert materials away from landfill

Helping the environment

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We help you do more for the environment

Zero print shredding waste goes to landfill

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Become a certified Zero to Landfill company

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Other Items We Recycle:

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