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What our customers say about us…

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With garden waste collection postponed, I contacted Printwaste to help. Within minutes I receive a positive response with a very good price. Chap attended first thing this morning. Excellent service and would use again. Thanks.

Jack Turner June 15, 2020

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Home Clearance Service

Whether you’re looking for a sofa removal, a way to dispose of your old fridge freezer or somewhere to send your garden waste, we can help. Via our home clearance service, we come to you, quickly load your waste onto one of our vans, and take it back to our depot to be disposed of sustainably. All the while, you avoid any heavy lifting, get your space back and have peace of mind that your waste is being handled responsibly.

What household items can we dispose of for you?

  • Furniture (e.g. sofas, dining sets and bath tubs)
  • Appliances (e.g. fridges, washing machines and tumble dryers)
  • Household recycling (e.g. plastics, cardboard and metals)
  • Garden waste
  • Black bag waste

Why use Printwaste?


Simple to organise

You can select a collection day and time to suit you

We do the heavy lifting

All you need to do is tell us what you want removing
experienced home waste collection company


We are experts in waste disposal and have years of experience, so you are in safe hands
green waste company

Good for the planet

We will dispose of your waste responsibly and sustainably
zero to landfill

Zero to landfill

We are proud to be a zero to landfill company, who will do right by your waste

What happens to your waste?

  • Paper and card (e.g. books, notepads and boxes) – can be recycled into new paper and card. For example, once read, newspapers and magazines can be turned back into latest edition newspapers and magazines in less than a week!
  • Glass (e.g. jars and vases) – can be recycled into new glass products, like bottles and windows. And this process can happen again and again without the glass losing any quality!
  • Wood (e.g. chest of drawers and beds) – can be recycled into chipboard and MDF, which are then used to make new wood products, like office furniture and kitchen cabinets.
  • Metals (e.g. washing machines and old bikes) – can be turned back into metal and used for all sorts of things, from food and drink cans to car body parts. For example, a can of your favourite fizzy drink can be back on the shelves ready to be sold again in just 6 weeks!
  • Electronics (e.g. laptops and games consoles) – can be broken down into their component parts and then recycled. Good news when, as a nation, we’re throwing away the equivalent of 158,103 double decker buses’ worth of electronics every year!
  • Plastic bottles (e.g. drinks bottles and toiletries containers) – can be turned back into plastic bottles or into clothing items, such as t-shirts and swimming costumes.
  • Garden waste (e.g. grass cuttings and weeds) – made into compost, meaning it goes full circle, helping gardens to grow all over again!


Once we’ve collected your waste, we will take it on to our recycling depot and dispose of it in the most eco-friendly way possible. We are a zero to landfill company, so we recycle as much as we can and whatever can’t be recycled gets turned into electricity and fed through to the national grid, powering homes across the UK. Absolutely nothing will go to landfill.

Yes, we are licenced by the Environment Agency. Our Waste Carrier Licence number is CBDU82613

We don’t have a minimum. We always aim to be flexible and have prices for bags and van loads, as well as per item, so just try us, whatever you’ve got.

Because we carefully plan our routes out to ensure they are as efficient (and good for the environment) as possible, we don’t offer same-day collections, but we will always offer you the next available slot and work with you to find a time that suits you.

This is item-dependent. If your items contain sensitive information, they must be kept inside until we arrive and we will ask you to bring them out to us, following social distancing rules. If your items are non-confidential, they can be left in a safe space outside, ready to be collected by us.

If your items contain sensitive information, you must be home when we come to collect them. If your items are non-confidential, it is still advisable for you to be home to provide access when we arrive, but it depends on the layout of your property and the items you want collecting. All of this will be discussed with you when you book.

We offer AM, PM or all day arrival slots. Keeping these more flexible helps us to plan the most eco-friendly route and gives us a little room for manoeuvre for collections that take less or more time than expected. Collections usually take place during our hours of operation (8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday), but, if these times don’t work for you, let us know and we’ll happily discuss an alternative arrangement.

We accept payment over the phone (on 01242 588600) and via bank transfer. To ensure both staff and customers remain safe, we are currently not accepting cash payments. All collections must be pre-paid.

Yes, we do collect hazardous waste. Our hazardous waste collections include an Environment Agency fee.

Helping you do your bit for the planet…

boosting recycling


Helping you recycle as much as possible.

recycling resources


Turning your non-recyclables into electricity.

reusing resources


Ensuring your waste does not end up in landfill.

Printwaste’s Home Clearance Service

Join the thousands of people who rely on Printwaste to dispose of their unwanted items safely and sustainably.