Responsible Business Recycling

As a business, recycling, re-purposing and re-using as much as possible is something that is not only responsible but also benefits your business. At Printwaste, we strive to find the best home for your unwanted items and materials. Not only can we recycle all waste materials, we often repurpose items such as turning cable drums into circular tables, or re-use them such as reviving office furniture. In doing so, we support all of our customers to reach their full recycling potential.

The Benefits of Recycling

Making sure that nothing goes to landfill, your business can recycle more and achieve a zero to landfill status. Recycling your resources is easy when working with Printwaste. By making the most of your resources, there are huge benefits for the environment as well as for your business.

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Flexible Collections

Whether you want collections scheduled on a regular day or you prefer ad-hoc collections, Printwaste offer flexible collections that suit your needs.

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Cutting Costs

Printwaste can help you to reduce your waste management costs – as a one stop shop, we can handle all of your waste and recycling needs, and by recycling more of your waste you will reduce your general waste and cut your costs.

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Circular Economy

Boost your recycling rates, achieve zero to landfill status and contribute to the circular economy. It’s common sense, and all about making resources work again and again.

Our recycling services have been created to meet the needs of business and include:

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Did you know?

Depending on the type, volume and quality of your material, we can create revenue streams for certain types of waste materials through rebates.

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Our recycling services have been created to meet the needs of business and include:



Our cardboard recycling service covers all volumes and ensures your material is recycled into valuable resources and contributes towards a circular economy.


Cans & Metal

Our metal recycling service covers all metals and ensures they are recycled, diverted away from landfill and contribute towards a circular economy.

carton recycling


Our carton recycling service ensures your cartons are recycled, resources are preserved and we help boost your business’s environmental footprint.

coffee cup recycling

Coffee Cups

Our coffee cup recycling service ensures your coffee cups are recycled, diverted away from landfill and contribute towards a circular economy.



Glass can be recycled infinitely, and together we can help you contribute towards a circular economy whilst maximising your recycling rates.

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Hazardous Waste

We safely dispose hazardous materials such as batteries, fluorescent bulbs, aerosols, electrical items, antifreeze and other chemicals.

paper recycling


For all non-confidential paper, our paper recycling service ensures your paper is recycled back into valuable resources, reducing the need to use virgin material.



Our plastic recycling service covers all plastics and ensures your recycling rates are maximised, new resources are created and the plastic is diverted away from landfill.



From shrink-wrap to polystyrene we recycle a wide range of packaging items ensuring it doesn’t end up in landfill, helping you deliver your environmental goals.

thumb wood


Our wood recycling service helps you divert more waste from landfill, save on warehouse space and business costs.

How we add value to your business

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We help you boost your recycling rates

Reusing resources to divert materials away from landfill


We help you divert materials away from landfill

Helping the environment

Business Values

We help you do more for the environment

Zero print shredding waste goes to landfill

Zero to

Become a certified Zero to Landfill company

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