Glass Recycling

Glass bottles and jars are one of the easiest things to recycle and can be recycled many times over – in fact, glass can be recycled endlessly. It doesn’t lose its quality throughout the process either, so by recycling your materials there is a reduced need for resources to be used to make new glass.

The Types of Glass We Collect

At Printwaste, we make the glass recycling process easy. There is no need to separate your glass by colour, we just ask that they are rinsed before being put in the bin to reduce contamination. All the glass waste that is collected is re-purposed back into single coloured glass or recycled into aggregate and used in the construction industry.

Not all glass is recyclable—please do not include Pyrex baking dishes, heat resistant ovenware or ceramic items within your glass recycling bins.

Examples of the types of glass we can recycle include:

Glass bottles and jars

Any colour of glass

UPVC window glass

The Benefits of Glass Recycling

By reducing the amount of general waste sent to landfill, you will be able to reduce your landfill costs. As Printwaste are a one stop shop for waste disposal, you can save money by using one provider to handle all of your waste streams.

Easy to use

A service that is designed for your convenience – no need to worry about separating glass colours.

off site shredding

Flexible and reliable collection

A glass collection service that suits your needs.

Increased recycling rates

Increase your recycling rates and boost your environmental credentials.

cost efficient business recycling cheltenham


Printwaste are a one stop shop providing total waste management solutions, including glass recycling. With Printwaste collecting your recycling and waste materials this could significantly reduce your waste removal costs.

Practical Storage Solutions

Because Printwaste provide a range of options for storing your glass, you can maximise the cost effectiveness as well as the convenience of your glass recycling. Whether you require a 240 litre storage bin, or a larger container for larger quantities or big events, Printwaste can provide suitable containers.

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