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We’re committed to responsible recycling and helping you unearth the potential of your business’s waste output. We will ensure every possible opportunity is taken to recycle your resources using the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly solution.

Our goal is to ensure our customers send nothing to landfill, contribute to the circular economy and do their bit to take care of the environment.

Our recycling services have been created to meet the needs of business and include:


Batteries are classified as a hazardous waste item and require safe disposal. Boost your recycling rates and remain compliant with our battery recycling service.


Our cardboard recycling service covers all volumes and ensures your material is recycled into valuable resources and contributes towards a circular economy.


Our carton recycling service ensures your cartons are recycled, resources are preserved and we help boost your business’s environmental footprint.

Coffee Cups

Our coffee cup recycling service ensures your coffee cups are recycled, diverted away from landfill and contribute towards a circular economy.

Fluorescent Light Tubes

Fluorescent light tubes are classified as a hazardous item and therefore, under law, require an environmentally-friendly disposal route to ensure full compliance.


Glass can be recycled infinitely, and together we can help you contribute towards a circular economy whilst maximising your recycling rates.

Hazardous Waste

Our hazardous waste service ensures you remain compliant with environment agency laws whilst diverting hazardous waste away from landfill.


Our metal recycling service covers all metals and ensures they are recycled, diverted away from landfill and contribute towards a circular economy.

One-off Furniture Clearance

Moving premises? End of year clear out? We’ve got your business covered with our recycling focussed, hassle-free one-off furniture clearance service.

Paper (non-confidential)

For all non-confidential paper, our paper recycling service ensures your paper is recycled back into valuable resources, reducing the need to use virgin material.


Our plastic recycling service covers all plastics and ensures your recycling rates are maximised, new resources are created and the plastic is diverted away from landfill.


From shrink-wrap to polystyrene we recycle a wide range of packaging items ensuring it doesn’t end up in landfill, helping you deliver your environmental goals.


Our polystyrene recycling service provides an environment-first disposal solution for a notoriously difficult recyclate.


Our WEEE recycling service ensures your business remains complaint with legislations and helps divert waste away from landfill, by recycling into valuable resources.


Our wood recycling service helps you divert more waste from landfill, save on warehouse space and business costs.

Confidential Shredding


Waste to Energy

Join the 1000’s of businesses who rely on Printwaste to look after their business recycling and confidential shredding needs.