Confidential Shredding FAQs

In short, yes. Paper is recycled following the data destruction process (shredding). The material is sent off to our dedicated paper mills where it’s recycled back into paper-based products i.e. office copier paper.

Yes. We have created three other services to offer a total confidential data destruction package for you. Our service portfolio covers paper, hard-drives and media materials, branded products and on-demand clearances from document storage and scanning companies.

Paper that is stained with food, paint or dirt, as well as tissues, wet wipes, foil-based gift wrap and brown paper are not recyclable. These impact on the quality and contamination levels of the paper fibres within the material. As a result, these would follow a waste-to-energy disposal route – regaining resource value through energy recovery and diverting away from landfill.

We offer a wealth of services that include regularly scheduled or on-demand paper shredding, hard drive and media destruction and speciality shredding. Each service serves the purpose of assisting your business in safely disposing of unwanted or outdated confidential information. Costings are variable based on the volume of confidential information your business stores. Therefore, you’ll need to contact us for a bespoke quote, then we’ll help you choose when and where you want your chosen service. All services come with a ‘Certificate of Destruction’ for your assurance.

Either on-site at your premises or off-site back at our high-security shredding facility. This is very much dependent on your service preference and guidance from our free consultancy service.

Take this off the to-do list. All you need to do is put your confidential paper documentation in our secure bags or console prior to collection. We’ll handle the rest.

Certified destruction and recycling gives assurance to staff and customers and builds company CSR. Producers of confidential waste should ensure they are giving their sensitive documentation and materials to a data processer (data destruction provider) authorised to handle and dispose of your confidential information.

Not at all. You don’t have to worry about removing paper clips, staples or binder clips. Our cross-cut shredding technology based machinery can handle that.

Under the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 the legal requirements states personal data shall be kept for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it is being processed. Once they are redundant, ensure they are disposed into one of our secure lockable console or bins.

In short, yes. We provide collections for residential customers across our service area. In addition, we will be happy to receive and destroy confidential documents delivered in.

The Printwaste Service

If your console or bins fills up too quickly, simply contact our collections team. We’ll be happy to schedule an extra collection. If this becomes frequent, we can provide you with additional containers or increase the frequency of your service.

Printwaste has shredding solutions to service both residential and commercial businesses – big and small. Our commercial customer base ranges from small office to major multi-national organisations. Depending on your requirements we can offer you a walk-in service right through to solutions designed for large organisations, such as a regular on-site or off-site collections, detailed reporting and dedicated account management.

When you or your staff decide that the confidential material is no longer required you can place it safely into the secure bags or consoles that we have provided to you. We will, of course, help you decide how many containers are required and place them in logistically-sound and convenient locations throughout your premises. Before collection the secure bags are sealed and bins are locked. Vehicle tracking and communication ensure we always know where our vehicles are at any time. Our personnel are all vetted and trained in security awareness.

Printwaste is a resource focussed company that puts the environment first throughout our shredding and recycling services. Collections have a weight recorded from which we can work out your environment contribution and award a certificate on request.

A data destruction audit helps you determine the volume of confidential waste your business generates. This audit helps identify security risks, ensure 100% compliance from a destruction perspective and maximise the protection of your confidential waste information – paper, media and branded products. This is part of our free consultancy service – click here to view your options.

This is down to preference. We provide both service options, with some customer’s preferring to opt for on-site shredding for extra reassurance of being able to see the material destroyed whilst others like off-site shredding to reduce noise-levels on-site and for convenience. Rest assured, both options are designed to ensure a safe and secure destruction of your confidential data and sensitive waste materials.

Recycling FAQs

Some materials when mixed are easily separated by sorting equipment. An example of this is mixing aluminium cans, steel cans and plastic bottles. However, if glass bottles are mixed with these it is extremely difficult to achieve the most sustainable outcome for any of the individual materials. We can help you maximise your recycling rates through our segregation audit – click here for more information.

Segregation helps maintain product quality which can ultimately impact on the recyclability and disposal route of your waste. Effective segregation reduces the need to send recyclable materials to waste-to-energy let alone landfill. We are a zero to landfill company and our team is dedicated to helping your business implement this across all areas of your business through our free consultancy services – click here for more information.

No problem. We’re proud of our current service portfolio and will always be happy to help with new requests. Over the years, we managed to create new and innovative services based on customer demand i.e. Polystyrene. So, whatever the waste, our team will be able to assist you.

We provide labelling for all containers across our services to ensure maximum visibility and ease of recycling within your company. Labels will already be attached to the container prior to your service commencing.

Waste-to-Energy FAQs

Waste-to-Energy is more than just incineration. A modern waste-to-energy facility is a power plant that uses thermal combustion to generate electricity and heat. Emissions generated are extensively cleaned up before entering the atmosphere; whilst the process also involves post-combustion extraction of metals and reuse of ash.

Non-recyclable waste. All the waste we collect that can’t be recycled is diverted away from landfill and converted back into energy to regain some value from the resource. The recyclability of waste can be impacted on a number of factors including lack of segregation at source and contamination.

Not at all. Incineration is compatible with high rates of recycling. High recycling levels depend on efficient segregation of the recyclable materials. Waste classed as non-recyclable is incinerated in order for the energy to be recovered instead of landfill.

Waste-to-Energy allows for the recovery of resource in the form of electricity and heat that would otherwise be wasted in landfill. Electricity produced is fed through to the national grid to power homes across the UK. For you, this is a landfill alternative that provides an outlet to be a zero to landfill company and boost your businesses environmental footprint.

The incinerated bottom ash from burnt waste drops into a quench tank and then passes along a conveyor to a storage pit. Magnets above the conveyor extract ferrous metals from the ash for recycling. The ash then goes to an ash recycling plant, so it can be used as an aggregate replacement in construction materials.

To avoid dangerous emissions, the gases from the burned waste are cleaned thoroughly. Lime is used to neutralise acidic gases and carbon, removing dioxins and heavy metals. The gases then pass through a fine fabric filter, which captures any remaining particles before the gases are released through a chimney – securing a sustainable and environmental process.

No, but the energy produced by energy from waste facilities replaces that generated by other fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. Waste-to-Energy and other technologies will be used to help increase the amount of electricity generated from renewable energy sources to feed into the national grid.

Currently, we don’t supply black bags for our waste-to-energy (general waste) service. Black bags can be purchased from a variety of retail stores within your areas.

General Service

Getting a quote is quick and easy with our online enquiry form. We’ll ask you a few simple questions before responding to your enquiry within 24 hours. Alternatively you can call the office and speak to a member of our team on 01242 588600 (option 2).

In 2015, Printwaste launched their waste-to-energy (energy recovery) service that provided a new environmentally-friendly alternative to landfill for general waste. We now offer this service alongside our recycling and confidential shredding solution. This offers a zero-to-landfill solution with the further purpose of reducing contamination and ensuring we’re resourcefully recycling as much of your waste as possible.

If you would like to raise a complaint and discuss this with a member of our team, please call us on 01242 5886000 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

As resource management consultants, we advise on the right storage container based on your businesses requirements. We offer a no obligation site visit to help provide advice on what storage solution are best for your business. To view our full consultancy services click here.

When you complete a quote or undertake our consultancy services, we’ll ask you whether there’s any time constraints to factor in your service with us. We always strive to collect your waste at a convenient time to suit you but we can experience delays such as traffic holds ups that may will impact on the estimated time of arrival. We will, of course, take your preference into consideration.

We don’t often miss collections but when we do we have procedures implemented to ensure customers are contacted and made aware the delivery was missed on the day of service. Collections are automatically booked in for the next available collection day. For missed collections or service related issues, please phone our operations department on 01242 588600 (option one).

We’re committed to long term partnerships and as your business evolves, we adapt to meet your service requirements. Any changes to your collection schedule can be altered by contacting our operations team on 01242 588600 (option 1).

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