What To Shred?

All organisations produce waste, but some of that waste will be confidential. It is important to make sure all waste is disposed of safely, but it is vital that confidential waste is destroyed securely and effectively. That may be office paper documents, computer waste, sensitive material, or defective products that are unfit for sale and need destroying. Aside from fines for data breaches, organisations have a responsibility to dispose of confidential waste responsibly and consider ethical alternatives to landfill.

Here at Printwaste Recycling & Shredding, we provide a full audit trail from collection to destruction, as it is essential that you use an accredited data processor for secure disposal, as ultimately it is a legal requirement of any organisation to be responsible for any breach of personal data. We are accredited to the highest standards.

Paperless office

This is still yet to become a reality for most businesses, and in the UK alone we still produce 700,000 tonnes of printer paper a year. While there is a trend towards reducing office paper by around 1% a year, the volume of waste paper is still high. Even organisations that have a recycling programme in place need to ensure confidential materials are correctly separated to comply with legislation.

We provide bespoke clearly marked sacks (together with seals) and lockable containers or consoles to manage the security of your data at your office before it enters the shredding process. Our expert customer service team can advise on what actually is sensitive and needs destroying securely to encourage employee awareness.

One growing tendency is to simply shred all waste paper, and our commercial terms can often be attractive should this be the preferred option. This removes clients staff from determining if material is confidential or not, and therefore no grey areas.

Click on the blue boxes below to find out how we can assist with:

Paper - We can manage the security of your sensitive waste paper requirements before it enters the shredding process, to support both your legal obligation and help raise employee awareness of document shredding.

Media - We will give you peace of mind that your data has been destroyed securely and in compliance with the Waste, Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive.

Clothing & Product Samples - We will ensure they are correctly disposed of to help protect your intellectual property and brand reputation. 

We can guarantee
that all shredded
paper will be recycled!