Why Shred Documents?

Security Reasons

Every business holds confidential and personal information from HR records to payroll data. Should this information be obtained illegally it could be used to steal the identity of your staff and commit serious acts of fraud in the name of an individual.

The Data Protection Act 1998 set out to protect us all as individuals by creating a set of laws that means that all records held containing any information on an individual must be protected at all times. When those records are disposed of for any reason, they must also be dealt with under the confines of the Data Protection Act, which require the data to be shredded.

You are classed as the Data Controller and we are the Data Processors as defined by the protection Act. Click on this link to find out more - The Information Commissioners Office.

As well as information on individuals, the day-to-day functions of any business will produce a surprising amount of information that could be used against the business by its competitors. This includes internal memos, drafts of documents, quotes, financial printouts, meeting notes, and pay stubs.

Prevent Identity Theft

An estimated £1.2 billion was the cost of Identity Theft in 2011 and it is now the fastest growing crime in the country. Most identity theft is done through the simple means of collecting papers thrown in the rubbish bin. Simple strip shredders do not prevent criminals from obtaining the information they need to steal your identity. We use cut and rip shredders and then deliver the materials to the recycling plant to ensure that they never sit in a bin to be collected by criminals. We maintain the highest level of security, only hiring employees that pass a strict hiring process and background security checks.

It is a legal requirement for organisations to address how personal information is obtained, used, and processed. Failure to observe certain provisions could result in a fine of up to £500,000, and repeated data breaches could result in a prison sentence for the company directors.

It is vital that organisations use an accredited data processor. Under the Data Protection Act, it is the organisation (and not the data processor) who will be held responsible for any data.

We provide a highly accredited confidential waste destruction service tailored to your needs, substantially reducing the likelihood of fraud across your business. Using us as an end-point for your data, you can be guaranteed that your data security will not be compromised.

Having the right measures in place can prevent considerable damage to your credit rating, reputation, and ultimately, your profitability. We can substantially reduce the likelihood of fraud across your business with a highly accredited service, tailored to your business’ needs.

What is an accredited data processor?

As an accredited data processor, we have to provide sufficient guarantees about our security measures to protect the data processing we do on behalf of our clients.

We are accredited to the highest standards and are a leading member of the British Security Industry Association (Information Destruction Section). This means we have to keep our accreditation up to date, specifically the regular renewal of UKAS ISO 9001 and submission of customer audit trails. This is proof that we work to the European Standard (BS EN 15713:2009). 

We can ensure that your organisation fully complies with all relevant rules and legislation to guarantee that the integrity of your data will not be compromised throughout the disposal process. 


More about our accreditation >

Saving you time and money

An employee with a small in-house office shredder may only be able to shred 5kg an hour. By contrast, we use industrial shredders that can shred over 5 tonnes an hour. Our on-site solution will take just a few minutes to shred your materials at your site. 

You can save on:

Time - your employees need not spend time shredding documents.

Space – less room required storing documents and records.

Cost – installation and maintenance of an office shredder.

Worry – health and safety issues removed as staff don’t need to lift large bags and bins, or operate machinery.

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More than 25% of the UK adult population has fallen victim to an incident of identity fraud.