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Carton Recycling

The very versatile carton

Cartons are generally made up of 75% paperboard, 20% polymer and 5% aluminium – all of which are recyclable. The paper fibres can be turned into anything from paper towels and serviettes to coreboard, and the polymer and aluminium can be either converted into raw materials or used for things like garden furniture and building materials.

Considering in the UK, we use 57,000 tonnes worth of cartons a year – the equivalent to 348 blue whales – this is very good news indeed. And is a prime example of why we should never underestimate its value.

Proud to be the nationwide bring bank collection service provider in UK /600+ sites across UK:

With all of the above in mind, we’re incredibly proud to be the nationwide bring bank collection service provider for The Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment (ACE) UK – the UK’s only carton recycling facility. Using our fleet of specialist vacuum suction vehicles, we collect food and drink cartons from residential drop off points at 600+ sites across England, Scotland and Wales, and transport these to the facility ready for recycling.

Did you know…

One tree can provide enough wood fibre to create 1,500 1L drinks cartons!

Our Service. Your Solution.

Alongside our nationwide bring bank service, we also offer a carton recycling solution for schools and businesses.

  • We’ll provide you with a storage option for your cartons that works best for you.
  • This could be anything from free-of-charge polythene bags to eco-sort bins and roll on roll off containers.

And, in return, we just ask you to follow our two quick and simple steps for carton disposal:

  1. Wash – to prevent contamination and improve product quality.
  2. Squash – to give you more storage space, and reduce collection frequency and cost.

Loop Closed. Resource Recycled.

Collection and Bailing
On a pre-scheduled date, we’ll come and collect your cartons from you and transport them back to our warehouse for baling, before sending them on to the UK’s only carton reprocessing plant.
Pulping and Separating
Once at the plant, the cartons will be turned into a pulp, and the aluminium and polymer layers will be separated from the paperboard, and the latter will be broken down into a fibre slurry.
The Aluminium and Polymer Layers
The aluminium and polymer layers will then be cleaned and re-baled, ready to be reprocessed into new materials.
The Paperboard Fibre
Meanwhile, the fibre mix will be cleaned to remove contaminants and passed through a drum thickener to reduce water content.
At this point, the mix will be ready for recycling into coreboard, which is used to make high-quality cores and tubes for paper, fibre yarns and plastic film, and created on-site. What’s better, after use, the coreboard can be recycled too!

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