Zero to landfill.
Our promise to you
zero to landfill We believe that many resources are still wasted, we do our utmost to turn as much as possible back into a useful resource

As we all know sending waste to landfill is not a solution for our future and although, nowadays it is carefully controlled to ensure the sites are safe, it still does not solve our waste and resource problems. By end 2022 all existing landfill space in the UK will be full. 

We are a Zero to Landfill business. Resource recycling is at the core of what we do.

From our perspective too many resources are still being thrown away and not being recycled and used again. These resources are precious, and in some instances, cannot be replaced once taken from our planet. 

Every possible opportunity should be taken to recycle waste back into a resource and put them back into a usable product, for example:

  • glass can be continually recycled
  • paper can be used up to 7 times
  • cardboard can be re-used up to 6 times
  • plastic can be used over and over again
  • electronics can be taken apart and all elements re-cycled
  • wood can be graded and reprocessed appropriately

We, at Printwaste, do everything in our power to help the businesses we work with recycle their waste back into a resource and thus ensure they do their bit for the environment.

Think differently

We also want to help people see waste in a different way, and by so doing, help create a circular economy, conserve raw materials and cut down on the energy we use.

For UK businesses, there’s now a huge amount of pressure to comply with environmental policies, GDPR rules and to meet certain sustainability targets.

Businesses now follow the UK government’s ‘Waste Hierachy’ – a guide to help change the way we think.


Our all-in-one solution

Through our recycling, confidential shredding and waste-to-energy services, we can provide you with an all-in-one waste management package that meets your zero waste landfill goals, keeps you compliant with regulations and helps you to reduce your costs.

To get the most out of their waste, many of the businesses we work with combine general waste collections with one or more of our other services. Doing so leads to more effective segregation, less cross-contamination, and a more cost effective solution.

*Note: sending waste to landfill costs businesses money.

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