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This month, our customer focus is on (drumroll please)… Sandford Parks Lido

Sandford Parks Lido

Housing one of the largest outdoor swimming pools in the UK, Sandford Parks Lido is integral to a Cheltonian summer. But you can do more than just sunbathe at this venue. The Lido also hosts an outdoor cinema, triathlons and an annual Christmas swim (for those brave enough!). Despite being busy with all these events, the Lido has partnered up with us here at Printwaste, opting into both our recycling and Waste-to-Energy services. This means that all of their waste is now going through us, rather than being sent to landfill, making them our latest Zero-to-Landfill customer! This is a brilliant achievement, and one in which we recognise with a Zero-to-Landfill certificate, as well as providing an annual report showing how much electricity their general waste has produced.

Working with Sandford Parks Lido, we also had to take into consideration the fact the company has a peak-season and an off-peak season. During the summer, with all those ice creams, fish and chips and picnics being eaten, a whole lot more waste is generated than in the winter. Consequently, we devised a plan together to change the frequency of collections and number of bins to collect, dependent on season. This flexibility has led to a fantastic ongoing partnership, as we head into the busy summer period. So, next time you’re taking a dip at the Lido, keep an eye out for our bins!

For more information on Sandford Parks Lido, please visit their website:

And, if you’re interested in following their lead and going Zero-to-Landfill, just get in touch with us.


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