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Printwaste are proud to be the complete recycling service provider for shower and bathroom provider Kohler Mira, now dealing with over 70% of all office and product waste.

We have worked with Kohler Mira as their complete recycling service provider since the early 1990s. In 2009 it became apparent that a better waste management system was needed in order to maximise recycling and reduce the amount of material that was being sent to landfill. Printwaste conduct regular audits of materials destined for landfill: the audits have been undertaken not only at the centrally located landfill waste compactors on Kohler Mira’s various sites but, more importantly, at the point of waste production in the offices or factory.

The scheme initially started in the office environment, where groups of employee’s individual waste were assessed. Now Printwaste works with Kohler Mira in a way that engages all staff via the five senior representatives from each department. Printwaste have hosted site visits for Kohler Mira, demonstrating the processes their sorted materials follow post collection. We feel this is an important aspect of the service they provide, as it injects the essence of recycling and shows them the difference they can make.

Printwaste can now tend to every recycling need Kohler Mira may have. We now have the facilities to recycle paper, cardboard, wooden pallets, IT equipment, glass, vending cups, cans and various types of plastic in addition to redundant stock which can either be recycled to be reprocessed. In 2012, we assisted Kohler Mira to recycle 77% of all its waste material, and this scheme will be further developed in 2013.


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