Customer Focus: Cheltenham Racecourse gallops to a greener future

Customer Focus: Cheltenham Racecourse gallops to a greener future

This month, our customer focus is on (drumroll please)… Cheltenham Racecourse

With the Gold Cup won, the Guinness drank, and the celebs been and gone till next time, Cheltenham Racecourse can finally take a deep breath (well, until the April meeting that is). To help them relax just a little more, we’ve been busy collecting stable waste from their 300+ stables, and recycling this into compost.

This is something we’ve been doing for the Racecourse since 2016, when they first got in touch and asked us to provide them with large bins for the collection of animal bedding. Being a slightly unusual request, our Operations Director, Geof Robins, decided to go and have a look in person. On his visit, he noticed the stables were full of waste and needed clearing.

While horse waste removal might not be in our standard services, we’re not the type to shy away from a challenge (just take a look at some of the other obscure items we’ve collected over the years:, and were keen to find an eco-friendly solution for the Racecourse. So, as well as providing them with the bins they asked for, we used our vacuum waste collection vehicles to remove the horse bedding waste quickly and efficiently. Instead of going to landfill, this waste was then transformed into compost – keeping our British soil happy and healthy, and the environment too (another tick for our landfill avoidance mission!).

Since then, we’ve helped service multiple race meetings, saving Cheltenham Racecourse time and a fair few bucks along the way. And now it’s not just the Irish bringing the green, the Racecourse has improved its environmental credentials enormously, and is doing its bit for the planet.

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And, if you’re looking for a waste solution, just get in touch with us. Offering a bespoke service to customers is very important to us, so however obscure your request may be, we can promise you we’ll do our best to help! And, if for some reason we can’t, we’ll find you someone who can.