COVID-19: Printwaste Business Update


CoronavirusWith many businesses set to open their doors again on 4th July, as a country, it feels like we’re slowly starting to get back to normality, or, at least, on the road to recovery. At Printwaste, it certainly feels this way, as we’re delighted to say we’re now fully up and running again. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve remained open to support essential services, like the NHS and food manufacturers – and it has been a privilege to do so while they’ve been working so hard to look after those in need – but we’ve missed being able to help all of you with your recycling and shredding. So, we are very happy we’re (almost) business as usual.


We say almost, because we’re aware that, while things have improved significantly, the pandemic has not disappeared. This means we will continue to follow government guidance and adjust our work practices accordingly, maintaining social distancing rules and using PPE. For the time being, we’ll also still need to be a little more flexible with our collection schedules than usual, but this flexibility works both ways, as we know you may need to adjust collections too while you get back on your feet.


Over the last few days, it has been wonderful to hear that so many of you will be opening again shortly and, to those of you who are, we wish you the best of luck on your road to recovery. We also want to say a big thank you to all of you for your cooperation and loyalty during this time. We feel very lucky to have the customers that we do.


Keep us posted on how you’re getting on and give us a ring on 01242 588600 or email us at if you’d like to chat through any of the above, talk about your collection schedules, or to simply let us know what your current situation is. We are here to help in whatever way works best for you right now.


The Printwaste Team




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