Landfill Tax Increase; on the up again for the sixth year running

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Landfill tax is set to rise to £72 per tonne in April 2013, following the £8 increase introduced by the Government. This will apply to organisations and individuals alike, affecting anyone who disposes of non-inert waste to landfill, including local authorities.

Landfill Tax Increase

Landfill Tax

The tax was originally introduced in 1996 to discourage people and organisations from sending waste to landfill and to think about using more sustainable alternatives. It was the UK’s first ever environmental tax and originally cost £7 per tonne as a standard rate. In 1999 the tax was raised to £10, inflating further by £1 or £2 each year thereafter. Revisions to the tax in 2008 however saw the price begin to soar, rising by £8 per annum to date, which is set to continue until at least 2014.

Not only does this increase mean that businesses and organisations of all sizes will be paying £72 per tonne from April, but the substantial tax increase also means an increase in VAT. Prices will continue to rise to £80 next year and the rate will not be falling below £80 until at least 2020.

Combatting the price increase

Introduced as an ‘incentive’ to encourage sustainable business practices, the Tax only applies to waste sent directly to Landfill; recycling, free-cycling and even up-cycling can be used to reduce waste and combat the financial increases. Not only is a comprehensive waste management system great for reducing direct taxes for a business, a good recycling process can also support a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Our solution

We’ve launched a new range of Waste Management packages, utilising the unique “Printwaste Waste Audit” staff awareness programmes, colour-coded recycling bins and flexible collections, to suit the size of your business. Companies interested in improving their waste management strategy should contact Geoff Quayle on 01242 588600 to discuss individual requirements.

Our aim is to get companies recycling more, reduce landfill tax obligations and simplify your waste management. We recycle almost 100% of all materials that we recieve and aim to achieve a cost-effective solution for any company.


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