New Vehicle: Printwaste Hits the January Sales


With everyone heading for the January sales this month, shopping has been big news all round. And it is no different here at Printwaste, as we have made our own New Year purchase – a lorry. But this isn’t just any old lorry.

New Vehicle

This is a DAF Hook-Lift lorry, capable of servicing compactors and roll on-off containers, which are used for bulk collection of various materials. This will allow customers who generate large quantities of a particular waste material, such as cardboard, to maximise storage and minimise collection costs. The lorry also comes equipped with the latest Euro 6 clean, fuel-efficient engine, ensuring we add to our fleet of 36 vehicles in as eco-friendly a way as possible. This is hugely important to us at Printwaste, and our latest purchase is just one of our many efforts to operate as a sustainable, environmentally-minded service.


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