Spreading the feel-good factor this Christmas


I have been a working man for almost 45 years and spent most of my career in sales. Selling can be the most rewarding of all jobs and I don’t mean the financial interpretation of rewarding but the feeling of success when winning a new account.

Feel good at Christmas

Now, don’t get me wrong there are plenty of times you aren’t successful and that’s the way of a salesman – some you win and some you don’t. But that upbeat emotion you feel is to be savoured.

It’s what we often call the feel-good factor.

We diverted tonnes of our customers’ general waste material (black bag waste) away from being tipped into landfill sites, by sending this material through a waste to energy route. Chris Robins, our marketing executive, calculated that together, with our customers’ we produced enough electricity to make everyone in the UK a cup of tea – almost 63 million cups!

That brought on a feel good factor for all of us at Printwaste!

In addition, the evening we held a party for all our staff to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of Printwaste was a proud moment for everyone, especially for those, who like me, had been with the company for many years. I was personally very proud to hand over a plaque we had made to record the event to our owners Don and Geof Robins – two people I have known personally for 40 years.

That was a feel good moment for me! The act of giving something that meant a lot to someone else.

So, where am I going with this you may ask?

Printwaste has for some years now worked with a number of charities and two in particular need all the support they can get around this time of year – Hamper Scamper appeal and the Cobalt.

Hamper Scamper is a Christmas Giving Scheme by Caring for Communities and People (CCP) that provides seasonal groceries and gifts to some of Gloucestershire’s most disadvantaged families; who without people’s generous donations would simply not be able to provide a Christmas meal for their children and family members. Our input is delivering hampers to companies and organisations, like yourselves, across our service area for their staff members to donate any dried or tinned food. Once full, our very own Santa’s helpers (collection operatives) collect your hamper boxes and deliver our customers’ donations to the charity’s sorting hub.

Cobalt who provide early scanning equipment in the treatment of cancer and other related illnesses, have a fantastic team of volunteers who re-use old Christmas cards into new ones which are then sold to raise vital funds towards diagnostic imaging equipment and research. We’ve proudly partnered with Cobalt for eight consecutive years and they really do appreciate all donations – helping raise £30,000 each year. Cobalt welcome your staff bringing in all their used/unwanted Christmas cards in January and putting them in a bin that we will supply and collect free of charge. In 2017 alone, we collected approximately 35,000 Christmas cards!

And just like our Christmas tables, there’s always leftovers (scraps). These don’t go to waste either. Once the wonderful volunteers have worked their magic, we collect all the remaining cards/scraps and recycle the material at our recycling centre.

By engaging your colleagues in helping with these two charities we can all help with very little effort that can make a big difference. Please get in touch with us today for your free box or bin or for more details on 01242 588600.

That feel good factor is only a phone call away.


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