How waste audits improve your “green credentials”

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With businesses increasingly focusing on their environmental contribution, there’s never been a better time to try and prevent waste going to landfill, ensuring you’re meeting your legal obligations, maximising your recycling performance and increasing the ‘green’ credentials of your business.

Waste Audits

At Printwaste, we can help you achieve all of the above, whilst also providing you with a value-for-money service. But how, you ask?

The answer – we carry out a free of charge, fully integrated waste management audit that covers all areas (over three different types of audit). This ensures we maximise the destruction of your unwanted sensitive documents, as well as making a positive mark in your environmental footprint. And this is all done in the most professional and cost-efficient way possible. To see for yourself how we do this, take a look below.

Audit Type 1 – Segregation Audit

1)      On a day suited to you, we collect a sample volume of your materials that is designated general waste

2)      We then transport these bags back to our recycling centre for segregation. Here, our recycling operatives sort and divide the material into various recyclable waste streams, including general waste (you’d be surprised what we find that can be recycled!)

3)      Results are then provided through photographic evidence (and video if required), before a full report is given to you with recommendations to improving your waste management system

Audit Type 2 – Workplace Audit

1)      On a pre-arranged day, we meet with you and walk around your office, factory and warehouse areas to better understand how and where your waste is generated

2)      After further discussions with you we take our findings back to head office and draw up a customer report, before proposing key solutions that would best suit your business environment. After this, we consult with you on the best way forward to take advantage of the cost saving opportunities.

Audit Type 3 – Value Audit

On a pre-arranged day, and within 24 hours of the next due collection date, our specialists will arrive to judge the quantity of waste generated. Several outcomes can arise from this audit:

1)      Your bins or console are overflowing – which in this case we will advise on several options such as larger containers, increasing the frequency of your collection service or provide more bins for you

2)      If your bins are half empty, we may recommend reducing our collection frequency i.e. from weekly to fortnightly

3)      We show you’re getting good value from your current collection frequency because your bins are filled to the optimum volume

There’s no ‘I’ in team

Each individual audit has its own purpose, but all three audits have the same objective and end goal – to provide you with the value-for-money service that you deserve. This is your waste, and we’re committed to helping you manage and dispose of your unwanted materials in the most economical and environmentally sound manner. After all, there’s no ‘I’ in team. So, contact us today to see how we can help improve your data protection, environmental credentials and the cost-effectiveness of your service.


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