Vending cup recycling: think before you drink

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Around 2.5 billion paper & plastic cups are thrown away each year in the UK. Of paper cups, less than 1% are recycled!

Vending Cup Recycling

The Issue

This is because most recycling plants cannot separate the inner coating of laminated plastic from the paper fibre of the cup, meaning that most are sent directly to landfill or incinerators. At Printwaste Recycling & Shredding we’ve partnered with Sonoco Alcore & ACE UK to find a practical and environmentally friendly solution to vending cup disposal.

The Solution

Through our waste vending cup collection service we collect your unwanted vending cups and transport the material back to our recycling centre in Cheltenham where the plastic cups are recycled. The paper cups are sent to Sonoco Alcore’s plant in Halifax where through a specialist process, they are able to split the laminated plastics from the paper fibres – making even paper vending cups 100% recyclable. We can even provide you with specialist bags & bins to start collecting!

Become landfill free with Printwaste

As a company committed to the ethos of ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’, you can rest assured that any waste we collect is recycled or turned into energy for the national grid. Why over-burden the environment with your waste vending cups when with us you can see them turned into all manner of new things, including office supplies, cafe & bar-ware, waste bins & outdoor equipment? For more information, call or email today and see what we can do for you – it might be more than you think!


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