Wood recycling: everything you need to know

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Waste wood – no longer a waste of space!


Every year, UK businesses generate thousands of tonnes of waste wood such as pallets, packaging and old furniture. This waste takes up valuable space on your premises, presents a fire risk and would also take up precious space in your local landfill. At Printwaste, we’re dedicated to diverting over 1000 tonnes of waste wood away from landfill through our waste wood recycling service.

Any size, any quantity…

We collect a range of wood products of all types & grades, including pallets, MDF, laminate & chipboard as well as materials containing nails & paint. Size & quantity aren’t an issue – we will collect any quantity from a single pallet to a full lorry load as required. We also provide high quality storage solutions to hold your waste wood ready for collection.

Breaking down wood recycling

At Printwaste, we’re committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly waste management solutions. In partnership with reprocessing centres around the UK, we ensure that any waste wood collected is recycled wherever possible into goods including animal bedding, biomass fuel & panel board. Where we can’t ensure that waste wood is recycled, it is sent down our waste-to-energy route, which not only feeds energy to the national grid, but generates zero harmful emissions! All of our processes align with the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs’ (DEFRA) directives.

Recycle your unwanted materials with Printwaste. Call or email today to see what we can do for you – it might be more than you think!


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