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As you’ve probably guessed from the rest of this newsletter, Printwaste is celebrating its 35th birthday this month. And, dependent on your age, you may consider this young, ancient, or somewhere in between. But, whatever you think of the big 3 5, it’s nothing in comparison to how old our planet is

help our planet

Currently at about 4.54 billion years old, it’s had so many birthdays, we’re surprised it hasn’t lost count. But, despite this, we must remember the earth is not indestructible. And to ensure it survives another 4.54 billion years, we need to look after it. So, here are 35 simple ways to do just that…

 In the home:

1) Unplug electronic devices when they’re not in use

2) Stop using the tumble dryer and hang-dry your clothes instead

3) Replace incandescent lightbulbs with LEDs – and switch them off when not in use

4) Opt out of receiving junk mail through the letterbox

5) Adjust your thermostat to run cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer – or invest in an automatic thermostat to customize room temperatures for you

6) Buy Energy Star certified appliances

7) Recycle clothes you no longer want, rather than throwing them away

At work:

8) Print less – and, if you can’t avoid it, print double-sided and on recycled paper

9) Find a carpool buddy or, even better for the legs, cycle or walk to work

10) Install motion sensors in the office

11) Use video and telephone conferencing to reduce travel

12) Recycle empty ink cartridges

13) Bring your lunch to work in reusable containers, rather than plastic bags or aluminium foil

14) Opt out of paper mailing lists and opt in for the online versions

On the road:

15) Invest in a more fuel-efficient car – and regularly maintain it

16) Ease off the accelerator and onto cruise control (if your car has it)

17) Use your own travel mug rather than takeaway coffee cups

18) When getting public transport, choose e-tickets rather than paper

19) Share lifts with friends and family

20) When driving, if you’re stopped for more than 10 seconds, turn off your engine

21) Forget the car altogether and walk, cycle or take public transport

On your table:

22) Eat less meat and have one vegetarian day a week

23) Grow your own fruit and veg

24) Buy local, sustainably-produced food

25) Turn your food scraps into compost for the garden

26) Take reusable bags to the supermarket with you, and avoid buying plastic

27) To minimize food waste, plan what you’re going to eat in advance

28) When shopping, keep an eye on food packaging and opt for alternatives with less

In your neighbourhood:

29) Join in with a local beach or river clean up

30) Head to the library, instead of buying books

31) Find out what recycling facilities your council has – and use them

32) Identify and support sustainable shops and restaurants where you live

33) Share with neighbours – offer them some of your home-grown fruit and veg, and see if they want first dibs on any furniture you’re chucking out

34) Seek out local environmental initiatives and get involved

35) Rally the troops and get your neighbours involved too

And remember, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, follow those three Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle!


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