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Situated at the meeting of the rivers Severn and Avon, Tewkesbury used to be an ideal place to transport goods to and from and was known for making pins, stockings and beer. Nowadays, the end product may have changed, but the town still has a strong manufacturing sector, as well as a tradition in aerospace and advanced engineering. From Ashchurch to Bredon, Pershore to Evesham, thriving businesses and organisations are everywhere. And all of these have one thing in common beyond their location – they hold sensitive information that needs protecting. To keep this information safe and to comply with the law, these companies must securely dispose of this confidential data once no longer needed. And it’s not just companies that need to do this – it’s individuals too.

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We provide confidential shredding in Tewkesbury for both businesses and households. And we do so with over 20 years’ experience behind us, the highest certifications for the sector, highly trained, security vetted staff and top of the range shredding machinery monitored by 24-hour CCTV. We are also a member of the BSIA.

Confidential Paper Destruction

Confidential Paper Destruction

We will securely shred your confidential documents, ensuring you stay protected and compliant with the law.

Hard-Drives & Media Destruction

Hard-Drives & Media Destruction

We will physically destroy your digital media – the only way to guarantee your sensitive information is fully removed from your devices.

branded product destruction

Branded Product Destruction

We will securely destroy your commercially sensitive products, keeping your brand’s integrity and reputation intact.

On-Demand Clearances

On-Demand Clearances

Whatever the volume, we will collect and shred your clearance items, giving you peace of mind and your space back.

Home Confidential Shredding

Home Confidential Shredding

We will shred your confidential documents from your doorstep, making it easier than ever to protect your information at home.

Confidential Services

The benefits for you:

Experienced and trusted shredding company

Peace of

You get peace of mind, knowing your confidential information has been securely destroyed by one of our trained industry experts.


By using our confidential shredding service your business will remain compliant with data protection acts and GDPR, avoiding penalties and fines.

Helping the environment

Helping the

Once your confidential information is safely destroyed, the leftover material will be sent on for recycling, helping you do your bit for the environment.

flexible waste collections cheltenham


You no longer have to stand at a shredder & remove paperclips or staples. Store your confidential documents in one of our lockable consoles and we’ll do the rest.

Flexible Data Destruction

confidential shredding gloucestershire

To make things as easy as possible your end, we leave it up to you to decide where you’d like your hard drives and media materials to be shredded:

On-site shredding - printwaste


We’ll destroy your hard drives and media material on your own premises, using shredding machinery located on the vehicle.

off site shredding


We’ll transport your hard drives to our high-security shredding facility and destroy them there

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